Bed Bug Removal

    Your home is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation. It’s time to get proactive—eradicate these home invaders so that you and your family can remain optimally healthy and comfortable throughout the summer. Call today for a 100% free estimate. With same-day service, availability 24/7, and a quick 24-hour turnaround time on treatments, we are the best bed bug exterminator to help you sleep easy!

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    what our clients say

    Extremely kind and helpful – Eased my anxieties and made sure to explain everything to me, step by step! Made the entire process less overwhelming and made me feel comfortable – Was available for me to ask random questions anytime during the process which was a huge help too – Professional and knowledgeable.

    R B

    Noticed noises in the wall in September and called bed bug patrol crew . Their technician amani was very helpful in solving the issue. The house mouse program and exclusion work are worth it. Dont bother calling anyone else for pest issues, bed bug patrol crew is your best option.

    Glen Crone

    Amani from bed bug patrol crew showed up and was very professional. we wore out of the country for two months and when we came back we’ve noticed mice running around the kitchen and the basement so we decided to start makingphone calls we got 4 quotes from different companies than we’ve Chosen bed bug patrol crew…

    James Callier