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Don’t let wild critters scurry inside your home and disrupt your peace! Contact our trusted team and we will remove any unwanted visitors quickly and efficiently.

Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed bugs can be an intrusive and downright terrifying invader in your home, ruining your peace of mind and potentially interfering with sleep schedules! Rest easy knowing that Bed Bugs Patrol Crew is ready to assist.

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    With an experienced crew that has been in this business for a long time, reasonable pricing, and unmarked cars for discretion, you can finally rest easy. Bed bugs are becoming more prevalent in downtown urban environments, and no amount of regular daily cleaning can completely eradicate these bedbugs. Get in touch with our expert team today for a discreet, same-day Bed Bug Removal service!

    Bed Bug Removal

    Your home is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation. It’s time to get proactive—eradicate these home invaders so that you and your family can remain optimally healthy and comfortable throughout the summer. Call today for a 100% free estimate. With same-day service, availability 24/7, and a quick 24-hour turnaround time on treatments, we are the best bed bug exterminator to help you sleep easy!

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    Our 3-Step Process

    Inspection and Assessment

    With an unmarked vehicle for your privacy, our team will quote you for the treatment. A professional will visit your home, speak with you, and inspect the premises to find the problem areas while providing tips on preventative methods.

    Initial Treatment

    After inspection and payment, we begin treatment. Again, we visit using unmarked vehicles so that nosy neighbors don’t find out about your pest control issue. It is a sensitive matter and a problem that can occur in clean households. Bed bugs are attracted to humans, and not dirt. Our special chemical agents kill the bed bugs and ensure that the entire infestation dies off.

    2nd Treatment

    After the first treatment, a return visit is necessary to monitor the long-term effectiveness of the initial treatment. Sometimes, there have been eggs leftover that may have hatched, so this is a useful measure to cut off the bed bugs at their source.

    In the event that you have furniture concerns regarding bed bug infestation, we provide steaming services on couches, mattresses and other types of furniture and upholstery.


    Bedbug Protection Plan

    When encountering invasive pests in your home, the best strategy is a proactive strategy. You do not want to let these frightening and harmful pests linger in your home, creating a problem that festers and continues to grow until it feels almost out of control. Hire our expert Bed Bug Removal team to assist with any invasive household insects and pests to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes severe. If you have yet to notice an infestation, now is the perfect time for preventative protection for your home. This service begins with an appraisal of your current living situation and actionable steps you can take to prevent invasive pests immediately. We will also treat your property and help establish a perimeter defence system that deters and physically blocks many of their access points.
    Year-Round Home Protection This year-round program for homeowners is an excellent solution for preventative maintenance. Our experts will get in touch with you on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) as a benefit to this program, as well as Emergency Calls & Follow-Up Services. All of these benefits are included in your Year-Round Protection plan. Call us today to learn more!

    ***NOTE: This program is for homes only.

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    Thank you Amani for your prompt and professional service. My elderly mother was particularly appreciative of your kindness at a difficult time.

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    They have good service and they do good work and they use efficace products.             


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